Shawn started his roofing career in 1997 with Flynn Roofing, where he worked as a labourer and roofer until 2001. He joined MJ Roofing in the spring of 2001, until the summer of 2013. His willingness to learn along with his hard work and determination got him promoted to foreman within 2 years. His meticulous work has earned him the reputation of being one of the best in the industry.

Shawn started Matula Roofing Inc in the summer of 2013, where he continues to offer his high standard of roofing to every customer.

Shawn is married and has two daughters. In his spare time he can usually be found in a hockey rink cheering on his daughters’ teams.

Shawn is a bit of a sports nut and  an avid sports card collector, with a collection that can rival any card shop. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, fishing, and relaxing by the fire after a long week of work.


Joe Matula was a welder and equipment repair mechanic from 1977 to 1981, where he repaired and maintained trucks and equipment for up to 27 roofing crews. He also custom built and modified equipment as required.

Joe founded Roofequip Welding Ltd. in 1981 to develop and market the “Roofequip Mopper” hot roofing asphalt dispenser. Every time another model was built, more ways were found to improve on it.

He filed U.S. and Canadian patents on the “Roofequip Mopper” in 1982, and by the time he built model #6, this 85 pound mopper could pay for itself in a good day. It saved up to 35% in asphalt cost, while even making a better roof, and replacing up to 4 dispensers that weighed up to 250 pounds each. This mopper offered full control of the rate of application whether dispensing 36″, 30″, 24″ wide applications or applying 6″ or 8″ ribbons on steel deck for vapor barrier adhesion.

In 2003, Joe redesigned the Model 7 mopper for the metric width rolls of felt paper and sold the project to Shape Industries. He then continued repairing roofing equipment and steel fabricating.

Today, Joe is owner and manager of Geoclimatic Energy Inc. where he is working on developing a renewable energy system.

My hope is that each of us will not only consume the world’s resources and leave pollution in our wake, but that somehow we can make a lasting contribution to humanity and our environment.